I am feeling our nation hasn’t been this divided most likely since the civil war? I have been hearing by the Spirit that a major shift is going to take place after this election. I was talking to my wife tonight, and we were talking about the upcoming election. I have been in prayer about it for the last year. I can say I’m shocked not by what has gone on via the candidates and or from the political speeches and events; but rather I am shocked by the revelation of the soul of our nation.

I told my wife tonight, ‘this election did not cause all of this division and confusion, it has been used by God Himself to ‘Reveal’ the division that is already here!’ We have a sick soul of a people of our nation. People say our nation is become so divided, but I submit rather, this election process has done nothing more than reveal the lack of love, tolerance, and compassion for each other.

If the devil had any mission at all, at the core of his assignment, it would be to cause division between a community or people group. For you see, “Where envying and strife are, there is confusion and every evil work!”James 3:16

“For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.” NLT

The fullness of the work of evil is manifest in a community full of strife, selfish ambition, and jealousy.

I submit to you that this election has not ’caused’ this massive divide, but rather there has been a sound that is already being played in the hearts of people across our great nation. People have heard the sound, and thus the division was made known.

We are going to be severely challenged to put the soul of our country back together again. I am praying for the church, which is a voice of the Almighty, and houses the very Presence; will be able to reach out with a redemptive healing balm. The church forever has been known as the moral compass for the nation, but now more than ever we need to become a calm in the midst of this storm. We need to become healers of this great divide.

I heard and article tonight that said 52% of our nation will be greatly disturbed and very distrustful if one candidate gets elected, and 48% will be the very same if the other candidate gets selected. So you see clearly no matter who wins, or which side; there is going to be distrust and skepticism at the best.

For the first time because of our one sided social media constructs, we are able to spout out what we are feeling without and recourse as to what others may be feeling or thinking. I mean for the most part people are to the point that their motto and claim to fame is now lately, ‘I don’t care what others think’, this is a very slippery slope. We have ceased to listen to each other, validate each others thoughts and feelings. This is very disturbing to me.

We need to remember, that selecting a leader in Samuel’s time / and David’s time, was the beginning of the end of the soul of the nation up to that point. The people wanted Saul to be their leader, in opposition to what Samuel wanted to select. The people selected someone that was in the natural realm the obvious choice. But I tell you this turned out to be a train wreck, and spiritual famine became the norm.

We as the church need to help people understand that God is truly in control, even when we can’t possibly perceive that He is, but I can assure you He is.