… More than living life status quo; more than living a life of good enough; more than I’m OK. There has got to be more to experience in my God experience than where I am right now. I have experienced many things in God in my life, but I am searching and receiving what is.

I read a great book years ago that was written in a an old western backdrop. The contrast was between the Settlers and the Pioneers. You see they are polar opposite of each other. The Settlers are weary of change and out of the routine. While the Pioneers are terrified of the idea of settling down. I learned that we typically are one or the other in many ways. I have never been a settler, it’s just not the way I’m built. I am at my best while searching new realms of spirit, or truth, or expression of ministry.

But I have never left my roots, I find myself not relating like I used to. I have now come to know the idea of outliers. Those who seem to be on the fringe of the norm. If you read my bio you see my path. Change doesn’t come hard for me, but the price for change is sometimes unbearable.