My Journey to Discovery has brought me through many ‘streams’ of spiritual expression and experiences.

While serving the church for 30 plus years in every capacity you can imagine. Preacher, leader, servant, helper, counselor, associate pastor, prison ministry, assistant chaplain, sound man, musician, youth leader, trainer, van driver, activity planner, fundraiser captain, revivalist, prophetic, seer, worship leader, songwriter, teacher, after school program guy, traveling band, traveling ministry, etc.

This site is all about Rising from the Ashes. God always gives beauty for ashes. I still to this day retain a bit of everything I learned along the way, I think that we would be foolish to believe that God didn’t have a hand in our upbringing, especially our spiritual one.

I was sent to Detroit in 2000 to plant a church. During my 15 year stay in Detroit, I was immersed in the African American culture and especially their church life. I morphed into an apostolic role while there, teaching and training the Pastors in the area and region on a constant basis. I also became Syrian Orthodox. Not only elevated to Deacon and eventually the Fr. Proto-Priest of the Church in Detroit. All the while remaining everything I was already up to that point.

In Detroit I became I was awakened to major breakthrough truths from the ancient path. Since 2000 I have continually read, searched and gleaned from the early fathers of the church. The Kingdom has became more of a reality to me in this time. It was no longer a place or some new fancy term, it has become a way of life for me and my family. We are a spiritual and Kingdom People.

Now I abide with all of the experience and background to chisel out new truth, or at least spiritual truths that make sense to us today. My main focus has been the internal Awakening to the Real Me, in light of Grace. My assignment is to use my story and experiences to help others: I believe in the gathering together of the elect, and I love the Church. I know that no matter what light you glean from, mine is from Jesus. The most amazing First Born Theanthropos that I love and desire to be, still to this day, some 40 years later.

Welcome my friends,