I know it has been a challenging week for everyone on our side of the pond. But some great wonderful things and meetings transpired for me. I have had some incredible insights to the revelation this week, and as equally saddened by all of the up-evil in our world. I shared this quote before but it is resonating in me today.

“The Naked Now”, by Fr Richard Rohr,  ‘Humans tend to think because they agree or disagree with the idea of a thing, they have realistically encountered the thing itself.’

I totally agree with this statement. Believing and encountering are not always one in the same. We may ‘believe’ in things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have already experienced it in fullness. It should be a natural progression, but I have found it to usually be the former than the latter.

I had the privilege of meeting with a dear pastor friend of mine yesterday. We got to talking about our world, and what God might be doing next in it. The subject came up about the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the Capital grounds. This has caused quite an uproar to say the least. My friend was telling me about all the Facebook comments from people she knows about the ruling. And she said something that stuck in my mind. She said, ‘The sad thing about the people complaining about the court’s decision, is that probably 95% do not know what the Commandments even are! Much less live by them’!

My thoughts today are that our beliefs have become a religious artifact. An replica of days gone by. Something that now belongs in a museum. I don’t think people have affection for the words that are written on that monument, and most probably don’t know the spiritual significance. I liken it to a friend of mine that always had a bible in the car everywhere he went. I asked him why he had a bible everywhere, I mean it never left the car, it wasn’t like he was reading or anything! He told me it was for protection; both spiritual and physical. That sounds like the 80’s sayings in the churches, that said if you go over 55 mph in your car, then the angels would fly off. I know it sounds ridiculous, but in those days it was a little bit more than a joke. Kind of went along the lines of ‘parking angels’.

To piggy back upon Fr. Rohr’s comment I was meditating on this thought. My ‘believing’ in a thing, does not change the thing. I know it seems odd but the reality is; if you believe in a thing or idea it will ‘CHANGE YOU’. It is downloaded in our Spiritual DNA. I call it Divine Nature Attributes. Every cell of our body carries the genetic code of ‘our life’ in the physical realm. This code has been passed down through our ancestors.

The exact same is true for our spiritual sDNA. This code through revelation is passed down through spiritual time as well. The natural DNA in our bodies uses RNA to link to creating our human attributes according to the manufacturers specs. This RNA is referenced as the messenger gene. Carries the keys to infusing and creating genetic material. In the spiritual sDNA process we have sRNA which is the God breathed ‘message’. So in truth what we believe does change us. It has the power to shape our realities, and even manifest in our physical realm. We have the divine spark, spirit, and or seed of God within us. This sDNA is spiritual material or matter to create our spiritual lives. Our spiritual lives is designed to overtake our physical and mental limitations. The key is the sRNA; the ‘MESSAGES’ you believe and receive.

This sDNA process is foolproof. Eventually your life will reflect what you believe (be lived by). So it isn’t merely the confession that changes you it ultimately is your belief. You will not only reflect what you believe, but also mirror and manifest that belief. It is this kind of faith that grants us the power to be made whole. When you realize that you are downloaded and pre-ordained for overcoming.

Faith to be made whole happens when my belief lines up with the messenger code! When the revelation of the message is revealed it is un-packaged and applied to my inward life. Ultimately it will manifest in my walk and daily life. So this is why many confess or say what they believe, yet their manifest lives reveal the contrary. You can’t help but be made whole when you are in alignment with the internal. I want my faith and belief to be actively serving its purpose, not in a museum to preserve yesterdays victories. There is plenty of time for that after I am gone. Right now I want my faith to reflect the revelation of the Christ.