Some of the most profound truths that I have learned and am still learning comes from the first story in Genesis. In our spiritual journey and pursuit of our Divine I.D. this is our beginning. The book of St. Thomas, Thomas asked Jesus when will be the end and what will it look like? Jesus replied, “If you want to know the end you must first go back to the beginning, because there you will find the end.” With that thought in mind I submit the thoughts from the beginning.

I have searched this beginning portion of the scriptures for many years. I still glean from it. It relates to so much in real time with our modern every day lives. That’s because spiritual things, concepts, and realities aren’t affected by time and space. If something today is a spiritual reality and truth it will be the exact same 100 years from now, it will just fit within the modern era.

Genesis 2:25 “And they were both naked the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

This is what I call our created Divine Identity. We were naked but not ashamed is our created I.D. Later on we will see that our human I.D. became fractured and we were still naked and somehow became ashamed and disconnected. We see that Adam was put in a deep sleep in verse 21-24, and Lord God took a rib from him and made a woman. God brought her to him and Adam said, ‘This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh… In this divine created state Adam and Eve were NOW connected. Meaning in the most divine way, they were present together in the NOW. Now is the only place God really flows, He exists in other realms like the past, and future, but that is only for our benefit. But to walk with the Father and in Spirit will always be in NOW dimension. It would be counter productive to try to engage the Manifest Presence of God without being ‘Present’ yourself. Yet I am afraid so many are today, seeking Presence without being present. We have become so distracted and disconnected that many people have to pay people to listen to them tell their story, because so many of us are so caught up in the current of life. Somehow religion has crept in and deceived us to think it would be good enough to be in Presence without actually engaging and being ‘Present’. When you think about it, Adam was removed from the Garden, not only for his ‘sin’, and for yielding to his wife’s enticement (soul), but I believe strongly that it was because they ‘HID’ from Presence. They no longer could remain open and present in Presence. I mean think about it, the thing that removed them from the Garden reality and Divine presence was their inability to be present. With all of our distractions and internal things going on, it is easy to show up in Presence, but ‘Not Bring Our Hearts’. As being a former Prophetic Revivalist, I can tell you without a doubt what would bring revival to your churches and lives; just be broken enough to be present in Presence! That will bring and awakening and reviving to your souls and churches.

Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed because it was the Divine Created reality by design. But also it was because they were Connected Divinely. It’s what my parents would say about a couple, “They are joined at the hip.” Adam and Eve were Divinely connected to Divine I.D. reality in their relationship with each other, with God the Father, and with their own selves.

With their own selves they were in a Divine space because their nakedness brought no shame, guilt or lack in their minds. They were naked and not ashamed to me speaks to first and foremost about their lot in life, their self image and relationships. These seem to be things that affect our concept of Divine I.D. Our relationships, our position and condition in life, and our own self image diversely affect our Divine Identity perception. I read an article on world statistics that said America was 31st in Math, Science and Technology in the world standards, yet they were 1st in Self Esteem! I find this so comical. We play a good game with our masks in America but our self esteem and image is very fragile, we have to coach ourselves constantly to keep it going. We spend a lot of time, money and energy for others to motivate us in the same way. And this would all be good and well if people would include their spirituality in their ‘finding’ of themselves. I mean to try to find and create the best version of ‘you’ without including God or some Divine sense of reality would be impossible. I believe the ‘sin’ or mistake done in the Garden of Eden was when man tried to take the things of God by his own power. This is the crust of religion and the ultimate plan of the adversary. To get man to discover himself without God. To make himself in his own image and not God’s. But God did not allow him to eat of the Tree of Life in that state.

There was no such thing as a shame storm in their world up to this point. Can you imagine a world to where you are enough in every situation and circumstance. I mean a place where you can truly embrace yourself the way you do others. You can Think Out Loud, on the inside, to your most inner self; the very things you tell others to do. What I discovered in this passage was the usage of the word naked in the Hebrew.

Genesis 2:25 “…were *naked and not ashamed.”

*Naked here is an adjective meaning to be unveiled, naked, no cover. Means to be bear with nothing to hide. And being not ashamed is a great picture of the freedom in being vulnerable and open with nothing to hide. They were living in their created I.D. But after they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil their perception of their nakedness changed profoundly. We will cover this in part two of this thought.